Thursday, January 1, 2009

Seeing is Believing I Don't Think So

Something that we see sometimes are not real because our eyes can deceive us.In this modern era like now many things can be manipulate such as the image, humans head on the animals body or animals head on the humans body , magic tricks and etc.
Something to believe sometimes we do not have to see or could see it.
We as a creature that we must believe that there was creating life. We must believe that we live and we die there will be life again .We must believe that there is the Superiors of the clever and stronger than humans .We must believe the Lord that God who gave us life, gave breath and senses are irreplaceable.
As mentioned above that we do not have to see to believe, because the definition of believe is if we can see with our hearts and minds of most in that something is really there and do not repulsive it.Because if hearts and minds are united human will not reject the face and turn from the truth itself and people who believe to something do not have to see anything that they believe and not shaky with what they believing.

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