Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Better Life With Perseverance and Endurance Mental

Do you feel or think that you do with the activities you are just purely routine? Wake up every morning and then make the event or meet the same person, at least similar? Boring life, or even excite you?

Seems to answer questions such as these certainly faced by our public, both young children, adolescents and adults. The children wake up early, studying in school, playground, so further study. Students, staff, and anyone who also has a routine about the same every day. There are two common responses that opposed each other. The response that we often hear is we are not able to enjoy life, boring, saturated, dry, without the spirit. But there are also people who really are able to enjoy the routines, find new ideas and spirit through the routines.

Routines activities (and such) is often not easy to face a lot of people. Necessary for a particular nature. One of the nature that is perseverance, stamina or endurance (Edward, in Aiken, 1993).Perseverance or endurance is a part of the human nature of how the mental ability of a person who is shown in action to survive and diligent to complete certain tasks. Perseverance is not always synonymous with conducting activities on a regular basis, but the regularity and doing various things on a regular basis helps to survive in the guts.

When children ride the class or pass the exam with a good value in general is the result of perseverance and endurance mental to overcome the things that routine, because in addition to the general who has the ability. They must study regularly. The success of someone who had never be separated from their perseverance. But in reality, it is not easy to have guts. Each person has a persistence and endurance mental different. Perseverance and mental endurance this is the one that indicates the quality of personality someone.

The challenge is serious enough that the trend of all-round instant happens in almost all aspects of life now. For example, just want to get value by looking for seepage problems, use the jockey for the selection, or pursue a career position with the bribe, and corruption. This is all part of nature with cross diligence that has respect the values of hard work. The phenomenon that wasn't easy to have an indication of decreasing values of hard work and endurance to complete a specific task.

The question, how do we try to hone diligence? Perseverance is the mental endurance that does not appear by itself. When people in difficulty or problem, perhaps more people will have the desire to try. But when you're in the excitement, pleasure, success may be more difficult to realize that they must remain diligent.

Inure themselves to respect the values of hard work in the routine day-to-day life is important for persistence. Values such as these can only be done when the self-aware that to get good results need to work hard and be aware of the purpose of the event.

To achieve this, the education process in the family, in schools or in universities need to give attention and appreciation in the process that requires perseverance and the values of hard work. So not only emphasize on the end result only.

In the family, children are given the responsibility that does not need weight, but how the process of regularity, hard work and resources to complete its endurance work is a value that would be taught. In this case the parents is not expected to give a compliment stingy when successful. In the context of education, pupils or students can be given tasks and responsibilities that have values of respect diligence and hard work.

Expectation when we perform various activities in daily life, we do not do just look as routines. Thus, activities will feel sexy, bring new ideas, and create a better life alive.

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