Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More on Meaning of Life

Many people who undergo this life do not understand the meaning of their lives. They are born, grow, get married, find, living, raise children, and eventually died in the only run with empty life.

As we look at life, so our lives. Life to be meaningful, meaningful, because we give meaning to him,to give meaning to him. For those who do not give meaning, does not give meaning, then life is like a blank sheet of paper.

The biggest thing in the world this is not where you stand, but you will go. "That means, if you are able to define, understand and clarify the purpose of life, the possibility for greater life.

There are two things that can make people become aware of life in the running.First, the events of the bitter and natural. Musing Mercy''is actually the hidden '' because it can make us wake up and realize. You realize the importance of a new health care if you get sick.

Death may be the single biggest stimulus we are able to jog. Many famous figures offhand died. They is busy with the power,fight each other, struggling to reach the position, and suddenly it died. We bring to the death on how short life is, how often we talking about trivial matters, and how we get property that is not
we enjoy the opportunity.

In trying to fill out and realize the meaning of life, that is what we ourselves, from which we come, and where are we going.For that we need to take a distance from the often busy and do our contemplation. And a little contemplation will make us understand the meaning of life. Remember life goes not only pursue the dream worldly desire.

Sometimes we forget the existence of the nearest person, we forget affection of the people closest to us means of existence, we also can make us enjoy life. Be parents, families, children, friends gave us our means and the opportunity to enjoy life. Imagine life when we pursue only wealth, dreams, and sucseed and we ignore the existence of the nearest person by us, when the dream, and our success has been achieved only enjoy the moment, and after that we will come back empty.

Why is too busy gathering wealth, with the misuse of office, if not the result you can enjoy forever. Moreover, you have damage to your own life with the applicable fraudulent and corrupt. In fact, this is the soul of ours and eternal.

Frequently thought sometimes in life we pursue only physical enjoyment, we are inattentive on soul, and heart us, then we see a lot of people who currently have a heart joy, and with an empty heart we will be easy to depression, stress and others. Because the body not in balance with the needs of the soul.

Open your eyes and hearts to understand, listen, and have all your thoughts and paradigms. Unfortunately, many people who listen solely to strengthen their own opinions,not to get something new that may be contrary to their previous opinions. People like this are still asleep and not yet fully woke up.

So I just pray and to remind the friends, let's Living Life with the balance, let's enjoy life, reach success in life without forgetting our success after leaving the world should also be considered.

"Enjoy life not only with wealth and power, enjoy life with a sincere heart more meaningful".

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