Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Failure Is Not An Option

Failure is not an option because we are required to always win in every match. So also with life, when we find a failure The need to try to rise from failure to be a lesson.
Life is like a game where the players are skillful winner will be in a game.Don’t we made the failure as a disgrace, because of the failure that we can make it as a valuable experience in life.
Humans do not have a choice in determining the outcome of any business because sometimes there is a luck factor that we can’t ignore it that make a foolish man to be successful and become a smart exchange.
But that is the key of life as it continues rotating wheels, not necessarily a lucky lucky and continue to hold the exchange .But because the smart people make decisions in life that he quit as a champion, not the man who merely rely on luck
Born since humans were created as being weak, not like the other inhabitants, who after birth can be directly walk.There is a process where a new born baby must learn crawl before running. Because we may have to learn first from a failure before a human success.
But do not make a choice as the failure to forge ourselves to become a success man.Because of that we as human beings always want to succeed in every business that we do.Therefore we must always think to be developed so that we can walk with pride in the business and we do not merely rely on luck.

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