Thursday, January 1, 2009

Emotional Attitude

Life as a fellow human being should be mutual respect and protect each other because basically people with degrees are created equal, but the fact is people are not able to keep emotions.
Emotional is a form of resistance that can explode into a disaster.Soul being dimmed the emotional feeling that not detained.Emotional at a moment that sometimes become a boomerang that can destroy the joints of life and the future.
Emotional attitude must be with the understanding and wise attitude not to be emotional.
Living solely on emotion will not solve problems but only obtained the impasse.
Emotional does not look of age who can attack both the young and old.Soul in a tense,stress cause an emotional prolonged period that could not cured with anything.
Emotional can be a tantrum, sadness, frustration, but also emotional can be spirit alive because if we challenge our emotions and then to do something more than the limit.
What is the meaning of life without struggle, the struggle against anger, hypocrisy, disappointment and others, because life must goes on in line with the earth rotates encircle the sun.

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