Sunday, January 4, 2009

Biggest Questions In Life Is What If?

In human life was always filled with feeling and worrying.Worrying about his future,afraid not to work tomorrow, worrying be reproved superiors tomorrow, worry bankrupt, worrying fall-poor, sick and afraid worries that makes people always be careful in this life .
When we are on a problem that has occurred appears question what if?.
The person who touches the difficult circumstances he will always wonder what if?. As of the poverty he will say what if I am rich live will more easily, overwritten bankruptcy People said what if I did not make a mistake in my business may This will not happen, then the person was sick he will say what if I keep health while still healthy, and those who failed in his life they said what if I enterprising young learn, I am sure will be successful and etc.
But people can not change something that has happened, you can do is fix the mistakes and not repeated again in the future.The question what If? should become a motivation for us to become better, because the question of what if it appears the findings of the latest inventions-human intellect is sometimes impossible to be done.In the past people may say what if we could fly then appear aircraft, what if we can communicate long-distance then appear phone , and what if we can see the events in the world then appear television and what if we can work without having to go to the office then appear computer and internet and so the roots of the human imagination which is sometimes difficult, but the fact it could be done.Because how human life shows how great potential in the human intellect to create something that is impossible to be not impossible.
Potential sometimes arise from the question what if, and this can take place from generation to generation and people always find something new and become a part of human life from time to time.Therefore how big the influence of a question what if? in a human way of life.

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