Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Sense to Have

In the human subconscious something that can not be released from the wish is a sense to have , this growing sense if we see other people have.Human able to do anything to have something such as a house, cars, cloth, jewelry and others.
There are people who are in a way that is lawful and correct, but not a few people who choose the wrong way or a shortcut.Human that are in the correct way will always careful to have something because he must work, thinking, using all resources to could have something.
Are for people who are in the wrong way, he will take a shortcut to have something somewhere that rob, steal, corruption, deception, blackmail and others.
But people who are in the correct way that will win because the truth will each get answers and the victory from life.Because a shortcut is not the nature of life, life is built with patience and hard work is not something that happens suddenly because only God is able to do so, while the human must strive to achieve its goal if they want to live dignified lives.

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