Monday, February 9, 2009

World Is Increasing Elderly And Fragile

If we think the world is increasing elderly and fragile can not afford to withstand shock of life.Nowadays,many people are so easy to abuse and violate the ethical and legal.Many people are blind by circumstances so that they forgot to think so long and choosing a shortcut.
Sometimes have in mind we want to change a group or society, but we are not able to do so because we have limitations in addition to its own advantages.
Quite a dilemma that does not have the end, the dilemma make people wonder why we can not live peacefully without the violence and conflict that leads to destruction of mankind.
Peace it is difficult to do in life at this time because when we watch TV so much violence that occurred, both in the household, community, nation and world.Does human already have not heart again, so they are not able to distinguish the true and the wrong.Why was that one people so easy to create difficulties for others.Why they do love defeat each other rather than complement each other and work together.
Oh world,you has changed because of people who apply lofty, selfish and greedy that makes you more fragile.

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