Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Keeping A Balance In Life

Human life journey can not be separated from the individualist and selfish nature of mankind is in spite of the social organism, but the fact is people are always looking for happiness for themselves . Hypocrites if people do not want to live happier because happiness despite it is temporary,the very meaning of human existence themselves.Live needs to balance so that it can run and so that people can complement the needs .

Need to be understands that to achieve happiness sometimes it does not give a little sacrifice.There is people who willingly sacrifice his happiness for the happiness of others, but not a few people who find happiness for themselves and happiness of others need to be sacrifice.Need to be understands in life is how much we sacrifice so that we get happiness is feasible,because people will rewarded if we are truly in search of happiness itself.

Search human happiness will not be limited to only material but also spiritual.Rich of the material but not so rich of the spiritual, emptiness he was got ,rich of the spiritual but not rich of material he will be difficulty in meeting the needs.Positive thinking and optimistic that life will respect us if we appreciate life itself and it is the best thing we can do after we attempt.We may not dissipate our time and our minds so that life becomes better as human beings because we think should continue to achieve a balance in life.
Keeping a balance in life is not that easy, because in life we come across many discrepancies such between the poor and the rich, superior and subordinate, the healthy and the sick, and etc.So we must keeping a balance in life if we want to find happiness in this life.

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