Friday, January 16, 2009

Achieve The Dream

Zig Ziglar out some basic principles that need to be taken to achieve the dream.
Achieve the dream is not reverse the hands, it is necessary for a high commitment to achieve the dream. This commitment will make us stand still and hope when storms have difficulty jump.
Ray Kroc, owner of fast food restaurants McDonald's has a dream to build their own business. In an effort to reach this goal, Kroc must face many challenges, problems, even failure before he finally succeeded in building the kingdom of business in the field of fast food restaurants. Without committed, must have surrendered Ray Kroc several times when the failure flag.
Big dream be difficult without the help of others involved. So, even though the dream is our dream, we can involve other people to help us achieve the dream.
If we want to protect the earth that has so many more people to contribute to participate in the action to protect the earth from destruction, over-conscious when we needs to involve more people. Each time we print the document still as a draft, we must using paper "recycling" (The new paper used to print on one side only).
This behavior listened on our family at home,the colleagues office, family far away, and friend. We also need to joined in the non-government organizations that provide guidance to the public about activities that can help protect the earth from destruction.

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