Sunday, February 8, 2009

Defeat Is Not The End Of Everything

Nowadays in the era of competition from all areas are tight.Competition is necessary, because with the competition, it will trigger us to do our best, so that the biggest power within us can appeared. Competition is very tight indeed needed,in the end result when we lose, we must dare to acknowledge our defeat and dare to acknowledge our opponent victory. From this defeat we can start again with the evaluation of the causes of our defeat, not trying in ways not good to keep winning, and that is not imposed in a way both will produce something that bad.

Defeat can't be separated from the elements of life. When there are a laughing, happy and successful in the earth or even other side of our home, there are the weeping and sorrow. This world continues to revolve, so that the defeat is important and can't be inseparable from the part of the human life.With experienced defeat or failure, we will surely feel the sweet of victory.

Person who is always successful in their lives, whether it is a standards that he pleased and happiness? I don't think so. Too easy to get something, it does not make people feel weary toil of hard work which is a distinctive memories. The more difficult things we have, when it is successful we are in the grip. I am sure we will feel proud of our efforts from our own sweat.

Defeat is not the end of everything,defeat is the moment for us to rise up and forward, so dare to struggle, dare to win, dare to lose, and we will become an extraoedinary person, and many lessons that we take from the defeat,then the appeal of victory, so that victory is a normal way, dare to lose is extraordinary, defeat is a first step we become successful.

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