Sunday, February 8, 2009

Respect Others First If We Want To Be Respected

Nowadays we tend to often forget to appreciate our fellow, sometimes we always want to be appreciated, without appreciate other people. In the environment,in friends,in the street we always want to be appreciated. Do you ask yourself, what would be respected by others if we do not respect other people first.

This is a question for most people in his heart,when we feel, we are less respected by other people.May be some of them behave like that because we do not respect them, but on the other because of our relationship is too close. So that the boundaries that should have started to fade because of proximity.

We must respect the opinions of others. Although they are much younger than us.Behave like that must we have in ourselves.May be we always think, each person have the point of view that is different.That is opinion, whether he's younger than us, we must esteem so that a broader view of our minds and we become more open minded and wise

How do we start to respectothers?
Look for the excess-surplus every person we meet then we will see it as a valuable person. We can appreciate each other as fellow human beings or the creation of god, do not continue to shed hubris ourselves, we feel more clever,more rich or more of everything. Try to think about there is more smart people among others. Or even if we are rich when we need food, we need others to make our cuisine,if we want to eat bread we have to buy from traders who have, or purchase at the restaurant. This explains that even though we have the wealth, science, but we still need other people is not.

From that perspective, we can learn to appreciate each other our fellow,sometime difficult to appreciate other people. This opinion could be correct. Because in nature human always want to appreciated. That is,human is really self-centered. They always wanted to be understood, but rarely try to understand. As a result, the weight to respect and appreciate other people.

Many benefits can we get if we want to respect other people,we can help each other, reinforce each other, and mutual benefit so that life becomes more good, because to support the success we need to be able to appreciate other people.

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