Friday, January 16, 2009

Life Need Creativity

Creativity will make our lives more beautiful because we are surrounded by things that are various.Single routines that will make time more quickly and make us bored than doing things that vary give something new and fresh in our lives every day. This is why young people like to sightseeing, because sightseeing we will find many new things and life without creativity is like a winged bird that can not fly.

The creative life will improve the understanding and appreciation will be many new ideas, a fellow human being, and the world in general. People will be happy to creative new ideas and have a high appreciation,time to find new ideas, which both he and the others, he will be pleased. Unlike the people who do not appreciate the idea, does not appear that there is joy when he saw the new ideas.Clearly, that people appreciate the ideas and new ideas have a surplus of happiness. When other people pouts, he smiled.

Creativity to open the mind and makes life more high motivation . Why not? He was not afraid to lose the opportunity, because the creative people can create their own opportunities. He does not fear facing a problem because people have a creative problem solving ability is high. He also does not live in boredom because it can create a variety of things that make him not be bored.

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