Friday, January 16, 2009

Life Need Creativity

Creativity will make our lives more beautiful because we are surrounded by things that are various.Single routines that will make time more quickly and make us bored than doing things that vary give something new and fresh in our lives every day. This is why young people like to sightseeing, because sightseeing we will find many new things and life without creativity is like a winged bird that can not fly.

The creative life will improve the understanding and appreciation will be many new ideas, a fellow human being, and the world in general. People will be happy to creative new ideas and have a high appreciation,time to find new ideas, which both he and the others, he will be pleased. Unlike the people who do not appreciate the idea, does not appear that there is joy when he saw the new ideas.Clearly, that people appreciate the ideas and new ideas have a surplus of happiness. When other people pouts, he smiled.

Creativity to open the mind and makes life more high motivation . Why not? He was not afraid to lose the opportunity, because the creative people can create their own opportunities. He does not fear facing a problem because people have a creative problem solving ability is high. He also does not live in boredom because it can create a variety of things that make him not be bored.

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Achieve The Dream

Zig Ziglar out some basic principles that need to be taken to achieve the dream.
Achieve the dream is not reverse the hands, it is necessary for a high commitment to achieve the dream. This commitment will make us stand still and hope when storms have difficulty jump.
Ray Kroc, owner of fast food restaurants McDonald's has a dream to build their own business. In an effort to reach this goal, Kroc must face many challenges, problems, even failure before he finally succeeded in building the kingdom of business in the field of fast food restaurants. Without committed, must have surrendered Ray Kroc several times when the failure flag.
Big dream be difficult without the help of others involved. So, even though the dream is our dream, we can involve other people to help us achieve the dream.
If we want to protect the earth that has so many more people to contribute to participate in the action to protect the earth from destruction, over-conscious when we needs to involve more people. Each time we print the document still as a draft, we must using paper "recycling" (The new paper used to print on one side only).
This behavior listened on our family at home,the colleagues office, family far away, and friend. We also need to joined in the non-government organizations that provide guidance to the public about activities that can help protect the earth from destruction.

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Biggest Questions In Life Is What If?

In human life was always filled with feeling and worrying.Worrying about his future,afraid not to work tomorrow, worrying be reproved superiors tomorrow, worry bankrupt, worrying fall-poor, sick and afraid worries that makes people always be careful in this life .
When we are on a problem that has occurred appears question what if?.
The person who touches the difficult circumstances he will always wonder what if?. As of the poverty he will say what if I am rich live will more easily, overwritten bankruptcy People said what if I did not make a mistake in my business may This will not happen, then the person was sick he will say what if I keep health while still healthy, and those who failed in his life they said what if I enterprising young learn, I am sure will be successful and etc.
But people can not change something that has happened, you can do is fix the mistakes and not repeated again in the future.The question what If? should become a motivation for us to become better, because the question of what if it appears the findings of the latest inventions-human intellect is sometimes impossible to be done.In the past people may say what if we could fly then appear aircraft, what if we can communicate long-distance then appear phone , and what if we can see the events in the world then appear television and what if we can work without having to go to the office then appear computer and internet and so the roots of the human imagination which is sometimes difficult, but the fact it could be done.Because how human life shows how great potential in the human intellect to create something that is impossible to be not impossible.
Potential sometimes arise from the question what if, and this can take place from generation to generation and people always find something new and become a part of human life from time to time.Therefore how big the influence of a question what if? in a human way of life.

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Emotional Attitude

Life as a fellow human being should be mutual respect and protect each other because basically people with degrees are created equal, but the fact is people are not able to keep emotions.
Emotional is a form of resistance that can explode into a disaster.Soul being dimmed the emotional feeling that not detained.Emotional at a moment that sometimes become a boomerang that can destroy the joints of life and the future.
Emotional attitude must be with the understanding and wise attitude not to be emotional.
Living solely on emotion will not solve problems but only obtained the impasse.
Emotional does not look of age who can attack both the young and old.Soul in a tense,stress cause an emotional prolonged period that could not cured with anything.
Emotional can be a tantrum, sadness, frustration, but also emotional can be spirit alive because if we challenge our emotions and then to do something more than the limit.
What is the meaning of life without struggle, the struggle against anger, hypocrisy, disappointment and others, because life must goes on in line with the earth rotates encircle the sun.

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The Words Successful

The words successful will appear if we can change the situation becomes more good.Success achieved if someone has encountered many obstacles in his live.Success could be means that if someone can pass the exam from both academic and examination of life.
Success does not occur suddenly but with patience and determination done with the full sincerity.Not a few sacrifice by people that want to become successful, capable man who says to people, human beings become the focus and hope for others, wise men think that positive in life, people who continue to think and to use imagination and creativity to realize the ideals of success is always desirable.And people into the discussion and followed by many people, successful people will be surrounded by people who expect little from the advice and opinions.
Not easy to become a successful man, but people who want to succeed will not despair and continue to strive in the way, because life will not be partisan to the weak and dispirited.

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A Sense to Have

In the human subconscious something that can not be released from the wish is a sense to have , this growing sense if we see other people have.Human able to do anything to have something such as a house, cars, cloth, jewelry and others.
There are people who are in a way that is lawful and correct, but not a few people who choose the wrong way or a shortcut.Human that are in the correct way will always careful to have something because he must work, thinking, using all resources to could have something.
Are for people who are in the wrong way, he will take a shortcut to have something somewhere that rob, steal, corruption, deception, blackmail and others.
But people who are in the correct way that will win because the truth will each get answers and the victory from life.Because a shortcut is not the nature of life, life is built with patience and hard work is not something that happens suddenly because only God is able to do so, while the human must strive to achieve its goal if they want to live dignified lives.

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Seeing is Believing I Don't Think So

Something that we see sometimes are not real because our eyes can deceive us.In this modern era like now many things can be manipulate such as the image, humans head on the animals body or animals head on the humans body , magic tricks and etc.
Something to believe sometimes we do not have to see or could see it.
We as a creature that we must believe that there was creating life. We must believe that we live and we die there will be life again .We must believe that there is the Superiors of the clever and stronger than humans .We must believe the Lord that God who gave us life, gave breath and senses are irreplaceable.
As mentioned above that we do not have to see to believe, because the definition of believe is if we can see with our hearts and minds of most in that something is really there and do not repulsive it.Because if hearts and minds are united human will not reject the face and turn from the truth itself and people who believe to something do not have to see anything that they believe and not shaky with what they believing.

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